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We save the best for you and your furry friends

…fresh from the farm.

It’s our pleasure to offer you the ripest produce, comfiest bedding and nutritious nibbles
for little teeth and tummies all wrapped lovingly in biodegradable, compostable packaging.

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Fully compostable packaging

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On UK Mainland on all orders over £20

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Unchopped & dust extracted

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& Save

Order more and receive up to 15% off

Feed and Bedding

Bags of the finest cuts from superior crops. Grown by hand with care, for your happy, healthy pets.


Personalities big and small need stimulation. Your pets are playful and inquisitive…give them the enrichment they deserve. Check back soon for new exciting natural accessories, toys and boredom busters.

Important: Please order your Hamper on its own and not with any other products in your basket. That way we’ll be able to offer you FREE postage.

As we’re lovingly preparing your hamper by hand, we’ll be delivering these to you w/c: 12 December so they arrive in time for the festivities!