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Timothy Hay

(£4.85 - £19.50)

(£4.85 - £19.50)

Made with the UK’s finest Timothy Hay, rich in fibre which is essential for your animals digestive system


Timothy Hay Range
Our Timothy hay is dust extracted and UK sourced. It has a super high-fibre content and it helps to keep ever growing teeth in check by encouraging natural chewing, the course storks of the hay helps to achieve this in a nutritious and palatable feed. It is suitable for many small animals such as rabbits, chinchillas, degus and guinea pigs.

The high fibre content found in this natural grass is essential to the health of your pet by keeping the digestive tract moving and in good health.

This product is available in a handy 750g pack

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More Information

Grass hays such as Timothy hay or Meadow hay, unlike Legume hay, should make up 80% of your pet’s dietary requirements, and so why not feed them the best?

Why choose our delicious Timothy hay? There are two simple, but crucial reasons; our dust-extracted Timothy Hay has a super high fibre content and it keeps tooth growth in check by encouraging natural chewing.

Many small animals such as, rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs need to keep ever-growing teeth in check. If teeth are not worn down all kinds of health problems can arise. We don’t chop our Timothy hay which helps retain nutrients and gives them something good to chew on.

Whilst the coarse stalks of Timothy hay helps to achieve the wearing of teeth, the nutritious and palatable leaf material of the grass has a high fibre content that is essential to the health of your pet’s digestive tract. A lack of fibre in the diet can result in a slowing of the gut movement – in the worst case this can prove fatal.

We use all of our expertise to select only the finest, sweetest smelling Timothy hay for each pack. We want to deliver the best possible feeds to give your pet a long and satisfied life.


Nutritional Value PER 100g  

Dry matter – 90%

Crude fibre – 32g

Fat – 1.5g

Protein – 10g

Calcium – 1.5g


*Feeding directions

Growing animals (Under six months of age):
Unlimited amounts.

Mature animals: Unlimited amounts.

Nursing females: Unlimited amounts.



Always supply fresh water to your pet and provide the remaining 20% of their diet from fresh green leafy vegetables.

*Always consult with your vet before any major change in your pet’s diet

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