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Alfalfa Hay

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Grown here in the UK. This legume hay is high in protein, calcium and many vitamins and minerals

Alfalfa Hay
This UK sourced Alfalfa Hay has concentrated nutrition making it perfect for young and lactating animals plus those recovering from illness. We make sure that all the hay passes through our bespoke dust extraction system so that it reaches your animals in peak condition.

It does contain some long-stranded fibre but this legume hay is much higher in energy, calcium and protein than grass hays. It is a powerful health booster that will give your pets coat a wonderful shine. Remember to always consult your vet before any major changes in your pets diet

This product is available in a handy 500g pack.

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More information

There are two types of hay; grass hay and legume hay. Alfalfa hay is a legume hay, it has long-strand fibre but with higher energy, protein and calcium. Its concentrated nutrition is ideal for young and lactating animals or those recovering from illness. As the animal matures or recovers the hay should be replaced with a grass hay but mixing in a little Alfalfa every now and then makes a tasty, rich and nutritious treat Grass hays such as Timothy, Meadow hay and Oat hay tend to be lower in calories and protein and higher in fibre. For rabbits this should make up 80% of their diet and the remaining 20% should be leafy green veg. Legume hays are higher in protein and calories and slightly lower in fibre. This should be fed to rabbits when they are expending more energy and need the extra calories. High in protein, calcium and other minerals, vitamins in the B group, along with vitamins C, D , E and K. Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas under 6 months can be fed Alfalfa daily with the aim of a gradual transition to a grass diet. Alfalfa can be used to help animals gain weight and will give a nice shine to fur.

Nutritional Value PER 100g

Energy – 96kj
Carbohydrates – 2.1g
Dietary fibre – 1.9g
Fat – 0.8g
Protein – 4g

Feeding directions

Growing animals (Under six months of age): Unlimited amount plus grass hay. Mature animals: Occasional small amounts. Nursing females: Unlimited amounts plus grass hay.


Alfalfa hay should be offered carefully to mature rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas due to the high protein and calcium content. Many vets believe that animals prone to kidney stones, bladder stones or calcium crystals should avoid. *Always consult with your vet before any major change in your pet’s diet.

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