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Alfalfa Hay

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A natural energy boost ideal for young animals, nursing mummies or poorly pets. Packed with long-strand fibre like grass hays but with higher protein and calcium. Mixed, in moderation, as a tasty nutritious treat for fully grown animals that need a little extra.


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Fully compostable packaging

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Unchopped & dust extracted

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Now even better value! 

Our Alfalfa Hay comes in a handy bag and as an extra treat we have now DOUBLED its size meaning you get even more value for money!

As a rough guide, if you have one animal, a handy 1kg bag would last you approx. 2/3 weeks depending if you are feeding it as a whole meal or a top up.

Drop us a line and we’ll help you calculate the right size to suit your nibblers.

Why Alfalfa Hay?

100% biodegradable. When your bag is empty done pop it straight in your compost bin.

UK sourced and dust-extracted.

Contains long-stranded fibre to promote healthy digestion and give your pet’s coat a shine.

Ideal for nursing mummies or poorly pets.

Natural energy boost.

High in protein and calcium.

Perfect for fully grown tummies that need a little extra.


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Perfect for fussy eaters

3 stars

Variety of tastes and textures

2 stars

Even better for babies up to 6 months old

5 stars

Energy boost for poorly pets

5 stars

For nursing mums

5 stars

Pro Tips 

•  Alfalfa is a super power perfect for young animals (under 6 months of age), nursing mummies and poorly pets.

•  As the animal matures or recovers, switch to a grass hay, like Meadow or Timothy hay. But adding a little alfalfa hay every now and then makes a tasty nutritious treat.

•  Only feed small amounts to healthy, full grown adults.

•  Alternatively, you could try our unique Farmer’s Blend to give your pet the Bentley of hays. It’s combo of Meadow and Timothy hays, with just a spattering of Alfalfa means we take all the hard work out for you.

•  Remember to always consult your vet before any major changes in your pet’s diet.

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