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Pillow Wad is a family run, independent company supplying nationwide customers from our centrally located farm in rural Northamptonshire.


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Pillow Wad Products

Pillow Wad’s feed products are 100% natural and where possible grown and harvested by ourselves from within 10 miles of our farm in the heart of the country. All are put through our bespoke dust extraction and sieve process to reduce unwanted natural products. We care about the quality of our products and the ethical considerations behind our choices. Which is why where possible we make the feed ourselves this way we can see it throught the whole process to make sure the products reach you in the best possible condition, everytime.

Meadow Hay Range
Best Seller
Meadow Hay

English meadow hay is the soft, palatable for small animals and is full of natural vitamins

Barley Straw Range
Barley Straw

Pillow Wad barley straw is the softest of all types of straw and has lowest natural dust content

Woodshavings Group
Best Seller
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These larger woodshavings have greater absorbency levels and drying out properties

Eco-Nest Range

Eco-Nest, an exciting new bedding material that is already producing some exciting results

Timothy Hay Range
Best Seller
Timothy Hay

Made with the UK’s finest Timothy Hay, rich in fibre which is essential for your animals digestive system

Alfalfa Hay
Alfalfa Hay

Grown here in the UK. This legume hay is high in protein, calcium and many vitamins and minerals

£4.85 £4.85
Farmer's Secret Range
Farmers Secret

Like no other hay in the market today, this unique blend of meadow hay, timothy and a smattering of alfalfa makes a perfect balanced feed

Immune Boosting Hedgerow Herbs
Immune Boosting Hedgerow Herbs

A winter seasonal feast of herbs which are known to boost the immune system:

£4.20 £4.20
Antihistamine Hedgerow Herbs
Antioxidant Hedgerow Herbs

Autumn is an essential time where animals start to prepare for the coming winter.

£4.20 £4.20
Spring Clean Hedgerow Herbs
Spring Clean Hedgerow Herbs

The start of a new year brings new and exciting flavours and textures, in which we have selected the best of that mother nature has to offer.

£4.20 £4.20
Hidey Houses
Hidey Houses

Our Hidey Houses come flat-packed, simply build and if you feel daring enough decorate to add stimulus to your small pet’s environment.