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Farmers Secret

(£4.50 - £16.00)

(£4.50 - £16.00)

Like no other hay in the market today, this unique blend of meadow hay, timothy and a smattering of alfalfa makes a perfect balanced feed


Farmer's Secret Range
Like no other hay available in the market today! Using our specially guarded recipe we bring you ‘Farmers Secret Hay’; designed to increase the health benefits of meadow hay. A blend of naturally occurring meadow hay and Timothy Hay with a touch of Alfalfa.

Using only the highest quality products fresh from the fields and blended together to create a hay beneficial to the well-being of your pet to maximise lifespan. Designed with benefits of fibre for the digestive tract, coarse stalks for grinding down ever growing teeth, a wide variety of vitamins and a protein boost to increase energy.

So make sure they are getting the maximum from their hay by feeding ‘Farmers Secret’. Available in either a Handy 750g or for the more demanding animal a Large 2kg pack

Any questions or queries please contact us.
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Farmer’s Secret

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