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Eco-Nest Recycled Cardboard Bedding - Absorbent and Biodegradable, Virtually Dust-Free for Burrowing Pets



Cosiness with a conscience: made from recycled virgin cardboard this absorbent, biodegradable bedding is virtually dust-free. Ideal for your furry friends that burrow and it masks little niffs and odours too. Good news for your pet, great news for our planet.

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Fully compostable packaging

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Unchopped & dust extracted

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Not sure which size to choose?

Your furry friends come in different sizes – so our Eco-Nest bags do too: handy and large.
As a rough guide, if you have one animal, a large 3.2kg bag would last you approx. 5/6 weeks.

Drop us a line and we’ll help you calculate the right size to suit your snoozers.

Why Eco-Nest

100% Biodegradable. When your bag and bedding are done pop them straight in your compost bin.

Double dust extract to make it virtually dust-free. Perfect for sensitive little friends to snooze in.

Safe, warm and clean, for animals indoors and out.

Soft, comfortable and aerated.

Super absorbent and masks little niffs and odours.

Perfect for burrowing - made from recycled virgin cardboard.

Suits all types of animals, from reptiles and poultry to herbivores.

Popular choice for eco-conscious homes, made from recycled and unused virgin cardboards.


To help you choose between products, we created this fancy graphic. We hope it helps (if not, ping us a message, we love to hear your feedback and if you still need help choosing, there will always be a friendly person there ready to lend a hand).

Eco Friendly

5 stars

Dust Extracted

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Helps Reduce Nasty Niffs

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Soft & Warm

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Pro Tips

•  Eco-Nest is a perfect alternative to woodshavings or other bedding so if your pets have sensitive skin or tummies, this bedding is the one to choose.

•  Spread across the bedding area so it’s about 3 to 5 cm in height and add a bit more to form a big pile in the corner for your pet to be creative and nest in.

•  The other great thing about Eco-Nest is that it is 100% biodegradable, you can simply remove the soggy bits and sprinkle on your compost heap to help the garden grow.

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