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Hidey Houses
Hidey Houses
Hidey Houses
Hidey Houses
Hidey Houses
Hidey Houses
Hidey Houses

Hidey Houses


Easy-build, flat-packed chewable dens and hideaways that provide shade, stimulus and the perfect place for a snooze. Create and connect a community for your furry friends and their neighbours.

Your imagination is your only limit. Buy 2 or more and you can connect them together.

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Not sure which size to choose?

Why Hidey House?

The makeable, paintable, biodegradable, edible house for your pet!

Suitable for small to medium sized furries.

Easy to build, and easy on the environment.

A great fun activity for all to enjoy!

Simply build and if you feel daring enough decorate using the link to make natural vegetable paint!

Simple to construct these houses give your animals a perfect, chewable, place to hide away.

Buy 2 or more and you can connect them together to create a neighbourly community amongst your pets.

Pro Tips 

• Our Small house is perfect for teeny tiny pets like mice, hamsters, degus and chipmunks (it really is the cutest thing you’ll see).

• Our Medium sized house is great for baby or small rabbits, most guinea pigs, rats or chinchillas.

• Our Large house is perfect for most rabbits and larger guinea pigs or other small furries of a similar size.

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