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Nibbley Bit Cookies in Heart-Beets and Bloom Bites shapes for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Limited Edition Heart Cookies


Handmade with the same love and care as our popular Christmas Cookies, our Heart Cookies are a special blend of natural ingredients including apple, beetroot, and pellets.

Not only are they delicious, but they also offer a healthy treat option for your pets that’s good for tummies and teeth. Each pack contains 10 heart shaped cookies.

Simply choose from Rabbit or Guinea Pig – the pawfect treat to show your furry friends some love!

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What’s Inside?

In our Rabbit Cookies we have:

Rabbit Pellets with 18% protein and 16% fibre.

• Beetroot

• Apple

In our Guinea Pig Cookies we have:

Guinea Pig Pellets with added Vitamin C, 17% protein and 16% fibre.

• Beetroot

• Apple

• Oats

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As we’re lovingly preparing your hamper by hand, we’ll be delivering these to you w/c: 12 December so they arrive in time for the festivities!