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Bio-degradable Eco-Nest

(£9.75 - £22.50)

(£9.75 - £22.50)

Bio-degradable Eco-Nest, an exciting new bedding material that is already producing some exciting results

Bio-degradable Eco-Nest

So what’s all the excitement about?

As consumers are demanding more environmentally aware products from manufacturers and retailers, here at Pillow Wad we’ve spent the past 2 years helping to develop a potato starch-based wrap. We are looking to replace our (highly re-cyclable but ultimately) single use plastic wrap.

This super absorbent bedding is like no other, its unique design locks together to create a soft, aerated comfortable bedding whilst being virtually dust free for the ultimate in reparatory health.

Perfect for all types of animals form poultry, reptiles and all types of herbivores, and as it is made from recycled, unused virgin cardboard, its not only good for animals but the environment too.

This new bedding is growing fast in popularity with some very satisfied customers.

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  • Completely Bio-degradable and in the right conditions will break down in 6 months.
  • Cleared for home and industrial composting (EN13432).
  • Breathable, to help keep the feed or bedding fresher for longer.
  • Can be disposed of in the home compost or in the food caddy, it can even be re-use as the food caddy bag.
  • Made from renewable sources.

We have found in our field trials that it can take between 1 and 2 months (when the pack was left in a field) for it to start cracking and splitting. We are taking revolutionary steps and are learning about the material all the time but the best test will always be the market itself. So we are too pleased to hear about any thoughts or issues so that we can continue to improve.

Questions you may have

Will it last?

In cool dry conditions yes it will last, I have a bag from Feb 2018 and a test piece from September 2017 that are still in perfect condition.

If it comes into contact with water does it fall apart?

In short no, it needs warmth and humid conditions over a period of time to start breaking down. Although pure starch is soluble, once processed the wrap material is not.

How does the film strength compare to standard LDPE?

It has similar strength characteristics as LDPE films at similar gauges.

Can I store it outside?

As with our plastic bags we would recommend they are stored in a cool dry place.

Are any contaminants left behind?

No contaminants will be left behind. The material will be completely converted into CO2, water and biomass. (At least 90% of the Carbon will be converted into CO2.) Even the inks are water based and will leave no contaminants.

Do you have any Certifications?

“OK compost INDUSTRIAL” and “Ok Compost HOME” certification granted by:
BRC Accreditation – Grade AA.
BS8555 – Phase 5. (Copies of these certificates are available upon request).

Can I or my animals eat it?

No. That would be silly

The best we can do as manufacturers and retailers is to produce these products and educate our customers into making the right choices.

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